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Elleste™ oral tablets – shortage

19 Sep 2019

Stock constraint of Elleste™ oral tablets expected until the second half of 2020.

Pharmacists are advised that Mylan will experience an interruption in the production of their Elleste™ oral range, which includes Elleste™ Solo (1mg and 2mg), Elleste™ Duet (1mg and 2mg) and Elleste™ Duet Conti (2mg) until the second half of 2020.

The interruption is anticipated to be temporary, with replenishment of stock levels expected by the second half of 2020. However, production of Elleste™ oral tablets will be transferred to a Mylan owned and operated facility to guarantee a stable supply in the future.

This site transfer is currently being undertaken and in the interim, any stock of Elleste tablets on the market is available for pharmacy teams to order. Once the supplies have been exhausted, further stock of Elleste™ tablets will not be available until the second half of 2020, when the site transfer is expected to be completed.

Mylan has published MyWay HRT Overview and Stock Availability; a ‘new promotional page’ for healthcare professionals which provides information on stock availability and options for alternative HRT products to switch patients to where appropriate.

The NPA has published the following resources to further assist pharmacists when there is a shortage of a prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) product

  • HRT factsheet – guidance to provide clinical support to pharmacists making recommendations on possible alternatives and provide information on the use of unlicensed preparations and alternative treatments for menopausal symptoms
  • HRT availability table – resource to provide information on the current availability of HRT preparations and provide the latest resupply dates for products with shortage issues

For further information on this or any other query, please contact the NPA Pharmacy Services team on 01727 891 800 or email

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