Archived on 4 February 2021 – this content has expired.

Expressions of interest for Oriel 2020-2021 are now open

10 Feb 2020

NPA members are invited for their expressions of interest for Oriel 2020-2021. Health Education England is inviting pharmacies to be part of the year 4 centralised pharmacy pre-registration recruitment for student intake 2021.

The medical system Oriel is used as a template, where applicants will be able to apply, book interview slots and be sent offers/relevant communications via one system. Please note that this is not a mandatory process. Find out more here.

Participation in National Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment 2020 (2021 intake) via ORIEL

A huge thank you for your participation and support in last year’s recruitment process; with your help over 90% of eligible applicants preferenced a place via ORIEL. We would therefore like to invite you to recruit again in the same way this year.

If you wish to recruit in the same way for the 2021 intake, you will need to complete the PRP recruitment employer information 2020 online form. The main change to the form this year is the salary field which must be a numeric field only and can only be a number between 14014 and 40000. Prior to submitting your form, please review the updated terms of participation. You will be asked to sign up to the Health Education England Terms of Participation and the Quality Framework

It may be beneficial to review the information you submitted in 2019 by viewing the ‘Pharmacy Employers and Programme Information from 2019’ document available on the Employer Information page of our website.

Employer Guidance

A reminder that participating in the national recruitment scheme does not guarantee you will get a pre-registration pharmacist, as there are currently more training places available than trainees to fill them. Don’t forget to update your knowledge of the scheme by reading the Employer Guidance, which contains a step-by-step guide to completing your employer programme submission, a recruitment timeline and regional contact support details. This guide is available on our website.

We strongly advise you to read the guidance before submitting your employer programme submission form
To complete your employer programme submission for 2020 and to sign up for the scheme (2021 intake) please access the online form via the web page below.

The deadline to submit your employer information is 11.59pm on 28th February 2020. Please note late submissions will not be accepted.

For all further information please refer to the Employer Handbook.


You may register to recruit via the national scheme for the 2020 for pre-registration pharmacists commencing training in summer 2021. In order to register you are required to:-

– Confirm your participation by reading and agreeing to the “Confirmation of Participation” terms and agreeing to comply with Health Education England’s Quality Framework

– Provide us with relevant programme information to enable us to advertise your places on Oriel

Please complete the Programme Information Form and Confirmation of Participation.

More detail about how the Scheme works is available in the Employer Guidance Handbook.

It contains a step-by-step guide to completing your employer programme submission, a recruitment timeline, regional contact support details and a frequently asked question section.

If you decide to recruit via the National Scheme, we strongly advise you to read the Employer Guidance Handbook before you begin completing the online form with your programme information. The deadline to register and submit your information is close of play 28th February 2020.

More advice can be found on our website here.

Also, you can contact the HEE directly for any technical matters, and the NPA for member support