Financial package for pharmacies in Scotland: National Pharmacy Association comments

26 Apr 2019

The Scottish Government has announced an increase of £2.6 million in core (‘global sum’) community pharmacy funding for 2019-20. The non-global sum will roll forward at its current level set at £1.3million.

Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) said it appreciates the constructive nature of talks with the Scottish Government and remains committed to working together to resolve issues that remain outstanding from the talks.

CPS added that it welcomes the £1.1 million commitment in the financial package to the Pharmacy First initiative, with an extended minor ailments service scheduled for roll out in April 2020.

Phil Galt, National Pharmacy Association (NPA) Board Member for Scotland, said:

“We applaud both the constructive spirit in which the talks have been conducted and the continued commitment on all sides to developing community pharmacy services, including the Pharmacy First programme.”

“Scotland’s Achieving Excellence Strategy, in particular Pharmacy First, is very much in line with the NPA’s view of community pharmacies as people’s front door to health care and healthy living.

“We look forward to more details emerging soon to enable our members to plan ahead with the fullest possible knowledge of the financial situation.”

NPA members in Scotland are invited to the next NPA member forum in Glasgow on 14 May, to discuss the financial package and other matters of pharmacy policy, business and practice.

Scotland’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Professor Rose Marie Parr, will be a panellist at the NPA conference in Manchester on 20 June.  She is a driving force behind the Pharmacy First approach in Scotland.

Circular PCA(P)(2019)7 advises the community pharmacy network of the outcome of the negotiations for the community pharmacy funding package for 2019-20. A key facts document has also been produced by CPS to accompany the circular.  The CPS press statement is here: