Five year deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework

22 Jul 2019

PSNC, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England have announced a five year deal for community pharmacy, from October 2019 through to 2023/24.

It includes what PSNC calls “a clear vision for new pharmacy services” including a NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service being introduced later this year.

The funding settlement is for £2,592bn per year (almost £13bn over the five years). There is also a commitment to achieve “smoother cash flow and fairer distribution of margin”.

Mark Lyonette, Chief Executive at the NPA said: “We strongly support the emphasis on clinical services and the recognition that pharmacies can play a significantly greater role in urgent care and public health.

“What’s more, the five year term of this settlement gives us the long view we asked for.

“But static funding year on year means it will be very difficult to deliver the transformational improvements we all want to see.  The government must be prepared to direct more money into community pharmacy, if it becomes clear that funding is insufficient to maintain current core services and invest in positive new developments like the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

“We note the proposed annual review each October. To ensure the service levels required for patients, we suspect the £2.59bn needs to be a floor not a ceiling.”

The NPA will examine the detail and advise members accordingly, as well as urgently considering our detailed policy response.

Meanwhile, you can read PSNC’s announcement and statements on the settlement at PSNC chief executive Simon Dukes will be holding a webinar on 24th July at 7.30pm.