Fraudulent FP10 prescriptions: South Manchester area

05 Mar 2019

Greater Manchester Police want to highlight fraudulent FP10 prescriptions are being presented in pharmacies

Greater Manchester Police has informed the NPA Pharmacy Services team that fraudulent FP10 prescriptions have been presented in a number of pharmacies in South Manchester, particularly Wythenshawe and immediate surroundings areas.

An example of the fraudulent FP10 prescription has been provided all patient-identifiable information has been retracted for data protection reasons.


Issues identified

  • The prescriber, Dr C (Cheyan) Datta relinquished his General Medical Council licence to practice in February 2017
  • The surgery address, The Village Medical Centre, Peel Street, Littleborough, Lancashire, has confirmed that the patient to whom the prescription is for, is not registered with them
  • The prescriber’s signature bears similar handwriting traits to the patient signature on the reverse of the prescription
  • Prescription items and corresponding doses and quantities are:
    • Diazepam tablet 10mg: Take one tablet four times a day (112 tablets)
    • Nitrazepam tablet 5mg: Take three tablets nightly (84 tablets)
    • Pregabalin tablet 300mg: Take one capsule twice daily (56 capsules)


Advice for pharmacists and their teams

Although this case has been investigated by the Greater Manchester Police, patient safety is paramount and all pharmacists and their teams should be aware of what is happening in other areas to help their own practice and learning.

  • It is prudent to be vigilant and act accordingly if concern/suspicion is raised for any prescription presented
  • Ensure prescriber details are checked on the relevant professional register
  • Contact the prescriber for medication combination, dosage, or quantities queries, as necessary to clarification/further information – all correspondences should be recorded on the patient medication record, and intervention log if available


For further information on this or any other query, please contact the NPA Pharmacy Services team on 01727 891 800 or email

Produced by the NPA Pharmacy Services team March 2019.