Gluten Free Food on NHS Prescription in England

04 Oct 2018

Gluten free foods should continue to be made available on NHS prescription to help patients suffering with coeliac disease, the NPA has said.

Responding to the DHSE Consultation on the Regulations on Gluten Free Food on NHS Prescription in England, the NPA said it wanted further commitment from the government to ensure that all patients with coeliac disease can get gluten free foods on prescription.

Currently, staple GF foods such as bread and flour are available on prescription to patients diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. The government however has decided to restrict gluten-free prescribing to bread and mixes only, following the March 2017 consultation on the availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription.

Helga Mangion, Policy Manager at NPA said CCGs not following NHS England guidelines end up causing “a postcode lottery”.

“Some CCGs have removed the prescription of Gluten Free products altogether.

“Undiagnosed and untreated coeliac could lead to further health complications such as osteoporosis, lymphoma and small bowel cancer.

“The NPA suggests that any policy decisions that would impact on the prescribing or de-prescribing of gluten free products take this into consideration.”