Healthcare Together support moves to NPA and PSNC

16 Feb 2018

Community Provider Support Services Ltd. (CPSS), which has previously traded as Healthcare Together, has agreed that the work of Healthcare Together will now be provided directly by NPA and PSNC.

CPSS Ltd will therefore be dissolved and PSNC and the NPA, as the founding members of CPSS, will instead work to provide and build on the support and services that were developed by Healthcare Together.

CPSS Board Chair Liz Colling said: “Since it began operations in 2016 Healthcare Together has developed a wide range of services to support the setting up and running of local LPC supported provider companies. Those services include a national tender scanning service providing regular reports to LPCs and provider companies on tender opportunities for community pharmacy. The CPSS board agreed that to provide a sustainable future for the tender scanning and other services, the work of Healthcare Together should now continue directly through the NPA and PSNC. The board hopes that the foundations created by Healthcare Together will enable the two organisations to develop its work, further encouraging and supporting the local commissioning of community pharmacy services in the changing commissioning environment.”

Please contact the following people:

For information about setting up local provider companies please contact the PSNC:
Mike King,

For information about the running and support for established local provider companies contact the NPA:
Gareth Jones,