Labour confirms to NPA they have no plans to nationalise community pharmacies

08 Nov 2019

Having been in close contact with the Labour Party over the past 48 hours, we are pleased to have received confirmation from an official source that Labour has no plans to bring community pharmacies into public ownership.

Concerns have been circulating within the sector since a radio interview on Tuesday with the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, where he said his preference is to “bring pharmaceutical provision in house”  The Labour Party has now clarified that this was a reference to hospital pharmacies run by private companies, not community pharmacies.

In our correspondence with the Labour Party, we emphasised that John McDonnell’s interview was causing unnecessary anxiety and required urgent clarification.

We also took the opportunity to remind Labour that many pharmacies are family owned small to medium sized businesses, providing vital NHS services and employing between them thousands of people. As such, they combine a deeply felt public service ethos with the responsiveness and innovation typically associated with private enterprise.

The NPA has a long term constructive dialogue with the Labour front bench team and indeed politicians from all parties.  We will continue to do so during and beyond the General Election.

Listen to the interview to hear what Mr McDonnell said on Tuesday 5 November, skip to 1hr 25 mins – click here.