National Pharmacy Association opposes GPhC plan to raise fees for pharmacy premises

07 Jan 2020

In response to the General Pharmaceutical Council’s Consultation on the draft 2020 fees rules - which proposes a 39% increase in registration fees for pharmacy premises - the National Pharmacy Association said today:

“GPhC is proposing to levy a big percentage increase at a time when community pharmacy finances are already under immense pressure. We cannot possibly support such a steep increase in fees for pharmacy regulation. GPhC says it needs to cover its costs, however pharmacy contractors are bound to ask if the regulator is working as hard as pharmacies themselves to deliver efficiencies. We will now take soundings from NPA members and give our formal, detailed response to GPhC in March.”

GPhC is proposing to increase the registration and renewal fees for pharmacy premises by £103 – from £262 to £365. There are no plans to increase fees for pharmacists or technicians as part of the consultation.

The first phase of the consultation is now underway until Friday 31 March 2020. If adopted, the new arrangements would come into place from October.

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