NES Vocational Training Foundation Programme for Pharmacy Technicians pilot

04 Nov 2020

NES Pharmacy is inviting newly registered pharmacy technicians to take part in a pilot of their new Vocational Training Foundation Programme for Pharmacy Technicians.

The new NES Vocational Training Foundation Programme for Pharmacy Technicians will provide a portfolio of evidence of competency which will enable Pharmacy Technicians to:

  • develop their knowledge and skills benefitting community pharmacy practice by:
    • enhancing person-centred care
    • providing a robust triage service around new Pharmacy First services
    • leading on public health campaigns
    • engagement with quality improvement initiatives
  • supporting role development within the new Pharmacy First service
  • support education and training within the pharmacy team
  • complete appraisal or revalidation effortlessly
  • evidence professionalism and competency of aspirational tasks within the workplace
  • receive regular feedback from experienced personnel leading to increased confidence and improved quality of pharmaceutical care


For employers wishing to support pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technicians who want to undertake the pilot you should be aware that:

  • Foundation Pharmacy Technicians (FPTs) will require to be allocated a tutor from within the workplace, who has extensive post registration experience and will be required to undertake specific learning modules on NES Turas Learn to support them in their role
  • There is no remuneration for participation
  • Access to a PC or laptop with Microsoft Teams and a camera is required*
  • Protected learning time out of the work environment will/may be required for both the pharmacy technician and the tutor**
    • Initial induction session (single session) – 3 hours
    • Participation in pilot research focus group – 1 hour
    • Evidence workshop (single session) – 2 hours
    • Peer review (quarterly session) – 2 hours
    • Monthly tutor appraisal/ support meeting – ½ – 1 hour (recommended)
    • Ad hoc NES education session (quarterly) – 2 hours
  • The programme will take around 18 – 36 months to complete
  • Personal out of work input will be required
  • To be able to complete the course, pharmacy technicians may have to gain experience of tasks and responsibilities out with their current role description


In addition to the induction, workshops and peer review sessions outlined above NES Pharmacy will provide:

  • Support for both FPTs and tutors from our Regional Programme Officers who will:
    • Organise regular one: one sessions to support and track progress
    • Provide availability for online bookable surgeries for additional help when required
  • Online access to Turas portfolio to enable FPTs to log evidence and tutors to track evidence electronically
  • *Discussion around bespoke options for alternative digital delivery of induction sessions, workshops etc if Microsoft Teams and camera is not available
  • **Discussion around options for bespoke alternative delivery out with core working hours of induction sessions workshops etc


NB Tutors can be experienced pharmacists or pharmacy technicians.  Turas Learn modules for tutors do not need to be repeated if they have undertaken these for Experiential Learning, the Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme, or the Pharmacist Foundation Training Programme.  It is recommended that tutors consider tutoring no more than two staff members.

Click on this link to find out more about the Vocational Training Foundation Programme for Pharmacy Technicians and download a copy of the Foundation Framework.

If you are interested or would like any additional information please contact