New arrangements to NPA Pharmacy Essentials product supply

02 Jul 2019

A recent review of the NPA’s current purchasing model has given members a more streamlined process for purchasing their pharmacy consumables.

As a result of the review, the NPA is pleased to announce a new partnership with EMT Healthcare – family-owned and operated business, which has been serving community pharmacies since 1963 and is aligned with the NPA and its values.

John Pickford, NPA Membership Director, said: “We’ve consolidated our purchasing to make it better for members and we’re working with EMT so we can lower prices and reduce costs, offering a wider range at the same time.” He said that members can expect to save an average of 15% on print stock items previously available on the NPA sales website. The current model used by members and customers allows them to purchase products from both the NPA and EMT Healthcare. “There are some things we sell that EMT don’t and vice versa,” explained John. “Currently things we sell include items like CD inserts, stickers, and destruction kits. Customers order from us but the products are physically held by EMT Healthcare who dispatch them to us. “But now, rather than ordering through us, customers can order everything from EMT  Healthcare which means we cut off an extra step in the buying process.”

John added: “It’s a new way of buying pharmacy essentials from a trusted partner which creates price reductions and more efficiency. We’re always looking at ways for members to get extra value out of their membership.” Rod Muir, Managing Director of EMT Healthcare, said: “EMT welcomes this new dimension to our important partnership with the NPA, we strongly believe this a mutually beneficial strategy will streamline the service going forward. EMT has long been associated with helping pharmacy save money, so marrying our ability to do just that with today’s pressure to reduce costs wherever possible puts us in a strong position to help. The cost savings are real.”

Pharmacy teams can still order items from, with the change to EMT expected to take place at the end of July 2019, from which point you will be directed to