PSNC animation describes future of pharmacy in the NHS

30 Apr 2019

A new resource has been developed by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) in a bid to help showcase the community pharmacy sector to stakeholders.

The animation explains how community pharmacy fits into the NHS of the future and describes the transformation that community pharmacies in England will need to embrace.

At the end of the animation, pharmacy contractors are asked to consider four action points, which are:

  1. Start a conversation with other local pharmacies about how to collaborate within Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
  2. Together with other pharmacies and your LPC, talk to local GPs about their plans for the future
  3. Take all opportunities for further training and to provide services
  4. Make contact with your LPC

 PSNC also wants pharmacy teams to share the animation with local commissioners, politicians, charities and patient groups, using the hashtag #futureofpharmacy on social media.

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