Archived on 31 March 2023 – this content has expired.

The National Pharmacy Association’s board and committees convened, remotely, on 8-9 March

19 Mar 2021

Chair of the Board, Andrew Lane, reports: Two members of the Review Steering Group (RSG), which is taking forward work on the future of pharmacy representation in England, attended the NPA board meeting to describe their role and their progress to date.

Mike Hewitson and Aneet Kapoor and their RSG colleagues have the role of ensuring that the views of a wide range of contractors are clearly heard in this process. Aneet and Mike are both pharmacy owners and with independent pharmacy contractors making up well over half of all owner-contractors the NPA was pleased to offer our support as a channel between the four independent representatives on the RSG and NPA members.

The RSG is considering the recommendations of last year’s ‘Wright Review’ and will make proposals on the way forward in relation to pharmacy representation in England.

The NPA board remains deeply concerned about the impact of covid-19 on our members’ finances.  We are determined to keep up the political pressure for fair funding, which has to include making good on commitments to meet the additional costs associated with coronavirus. This is ultimately about patient care but it is also a matter of fair pay for work done.  The board signed off new plans to equip NPA members in key parliamentary constituencies to make the case in public.

Other topics for the board this month included hub and spoke dispensing, pharmacy supervision and workforce, plus our ongoing support for the All Party Pharmacy Group in parliament.

Gwyn Williams and Jamal Butt from Medadvisor gave the Membership Committee an update on their digital medication management platform, which helps patients take medications safely, securely and on time. Enhancements to the service will be available to NPA members shortly.