Updated information for learners on NPA Training Courses

19 Mar 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPA Learning and Development Department has been working in collaboration with key stakeholders including the GPhC & Pearson to understand their position with timelines for completing accredited courses.

We appreciate that at the current time pharmacists and their teams are working extremely hard and tirelessly to meet all the public health demands, however we need to minimise any disruption to our learners. We are now in a position to inform you of these discussions as outlined below:

For those learners that are unable to continue with their course at this current time we have agreed that coursework for accredited courses can be put on ‘pending’. Following the end of the pandemic, learners will be then required to continue their learning and complete their course.

For those learners who are able to continue their course, we would encourage carrying on as normal if this is possible. Individuals may be able to conduct their learning where they are in self-isolation and unable to come into their pharmacy. Please be advised there may be delays in marking over this period.

We aim to provide support wherever possible to our members, who are doing everything they can on the front line to support the public in this difficult period. We have developed a set of FAQs which will provide an update for many members with respect to all training activities which we will update and aim to keep members well informed.

If you have any specific queries please get in touch with member services using the following email – training@npa.co.uk