Call for case studies on polypharmacy

19 Jul 2018

The NPA is helping Age UK to gather cases studies about polypharmacy and how it affects older people’s health and wellbeing.

The case studies may appear in a report by Age UK, and will form the basis for further discussions on this important issue.  The case studies may be anonymous or, preferably, shared with the consent of the individual patients concerned.

Age UK would be particularly interested in the following:

–          Polypharmacy as a result of multiple long-term conditions or a lack of communication during transfer of care

–          An older person who is on a very large number of medications where this may be causing poor health

–          The experience of someone with dementia and the challenges they face in the case of a complicated medicines regime

–          Examples that bring out other important elements of the impact or causes of polypharmacy.

In addition, it would be helpful if you could describe how your pharmacy has been able to help the person in the case study.

Please contact the NPA’s press office with your case studies or to discuss further.