Revalidation – NPA step-by-step guide and support for pharmacists/pharmacy technicians

22 Aug 2019

The NPA Pharmacy Services team has published “Revalidation guide 2019” to support registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in submitting their revalidation records according to the GPhC revalidation framework.

The NPA Pharmacy Services team has published a “Revalidation guide 2019 to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in submitting their revalidation records according to the revalidation framework as set out by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

The GPhC revalidation framework requires all registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, with a registration renewal deadline of 31 October 2019 (registration expiry of 31 December 2019), to carry out, record and submit all six of the following at the point of renewal of their registration:

  • Four continuing professional development (CPD) records – two of these must be planned learning entries
  • One record of a peer discussion – an activity undertaken through engagement with others, involving reflection on learning and practice
  • One reflective account – an activity designed to encourage pharmacists/pharmacy technicians to think about the way in which they work/practice, and how it relates to the GPhC Standards for pharmacy professionals
    • The GPhC has stated that in the first year of doing the reflective account, registrants must reflect on at least one of the following standards: standard 3 (communicating effectively), standard 6 (behaving professionally), standard 9 (demonstrating leadership)

Last year, pharmacists/pharmacy technicians, whose registration expired on 31 December 2018, were only required to submit four CPD entries at the point of renewal. This year, by 31 October 2019, these registrants must submit four CPD records, one peer discussion and one reflective account according to the revalidation deadlines stated in the table below.

Registration expiry 31 December 2019
Renewal window open for submission 1 September 2019
Renewal window closes 31 October 2019
Submission of four CPD records, peer discussion, reflective account and  declarations due by 31 October 2019

NPA support

The NPA CPD Hub offers access to thousands of articles and learning activities on one online platform. The CPD Hub is available to all pharmacy staff and allows for personalised CPD learning.

You can plan, learn and record your revalidation in line with the GPhC’s requirements, as well as facilitate learning through the CPD Hub for your whole team

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Produced by the NPA Pharmacy Services team August 2019.