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Free to NPA members

The NPA has already hosted three successful Online Pharmacy Services Group forums, led by NPA board member and Chair of the Membership Committee Jay Badenhorst.

The valuable feedback provided by attendees at these forums, led to the NPA creating a hub for members providing online services where resources tailored for online pharmacies are published.

At this forum, you’ll hear from the NPA’s Legal Counsel (Alex Buchanan) and Head of Advice & Support (Jasmine Shah) about common risks, recent claim examples and actions you can take to safeguard your business. We will cover:

  1. Opioids supplied online
  2. Sale of codeine linctus
  3. Private prescriptions for treatment of gender dysphoria
  4. GPhC Enforcement
  5. Disability discrimination claims
  6. Data breach claims

We have also invited two NPA Business Partners to share more about their services and how they can support you to grow your business income.

Clynxx is the UK’s official private advanced electronic prescription system. Increase your revenue by accepting FreeRx® (digital private prescriptions) tokens. No sign up is required, just click the ‘View FreeRx Token’ link and you can retrieve electronically signed private prescriptions, removing the need for paper.

NPA Member benefit:

  • FREE to join as a local delivery partner who can receive prescriptions directly from private prescribers
  • Improve cashflow with instant private prescriptions revenue
  • Reduce your business carbon footprint by accepting digital prescriptions, saving forests that sustain life

Find out more about Clynxx here.

PhysioFast online provides quality personalised physiotherapy advice, information and support to any pharmacy customers who are struggling with an injury, ache or pain.

Online physiotherapy is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons and PFO can help NPA members broaden their service capabilities in what they are able to offer to their patients, providing a more holistic environment.

NPA Member benefit:

  • FREE for NPA Members
  • Accessible 24/7 helpdesk
  • NPA members have access to face-to-face online advice with a qualified physiotherapist

Find out more about PhysioFast here.

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